Youth Ministry

Junior and Senior High youth meet on most Sunday evenings for discussions on faith and life issues, fun, fellowship and special projects and events.

Kid's Club, youth fellowship for K - 5th grades, meets weekly (Oct-March) on Wednesday evenings for games, crafts, Bible time, missions and worship.

A five-year youth ministry program offers youth an opportunity to grow in faith and knowledge, commitment and service as they grow and mature through the high school years.
      1. Eighth Grade - Confirmation I
      2. Freshman - Confirmation II
      3. Sophomore through Senior - Mentor Years

Mission Trips: Christ Church annually provides the opportunity to all youth who have completed the 8th grade to participate in a week-long mission/work camp experience, reflecting on faith commitments and Christian responsibilities to and with people in disadvantage situations.

Emergency Medical Form--Youth Fellowship/Kid's Club

Transportation Permission Form

Our Child Protection Policy can be downloaded here.


Youth Ministries Council:


 1. Assist the Youth Coordinator (YC) in the development of youth ministries.

-Provide encouragement, support and counsel to the YC;

-Serve as a "sounding board" for the YC;

-Engage in "visioning" and development of long-range planning; and

-Provide feedback to the YC and conduct periodic evaluations.

2. Assist in the development and implementation of specific programs.

-Assume certain responsibilities in coordination with the YC: for example:

–development of a parents’s support group;

–reinvigorate the "Youth Team" program;

–assume some responsibility for fundraising (auction & pizza sale);

–coordinate meals for Sunday evening youth activities;

–coordinate transportation for various activities; and

-logistical assistance for Kids Club and mission trips.

3. Assist in effectively integrating youth ministries into the life of the church.

-Provide a voice for youth ministries at Spiritual Council and Consistory.

-Act as an advocate for YC regarding specific policies.

-Maintain open and ongoing communication throughout the church regarding youth ministries.

4. Assist the YC in the budget process.

-Provide coordination & advocacy within the governing bodies of the church.

-Provide budget oversight and review to protect the integrity of the YC and the program.

5. Assist the YC in the development of policies and procedures.

-Periodically review, evaluate, and revise/refine policies relating to liabilities, releases, training of volunteers, safety, etc.

6. Assist in the search process for meeting staffing needs of the YC position pursuant to Consistory directives.



1. Make-up of the YM Council.

-Ex-Officio members include the YC, Youth Team members, the Pastor, and the Treasurer.

-An effort will be made to have diversity on the Council with representation in the following categories:

–a teenager;

–an elementary youth’s parent;

–a junior high youth’s parent;

--a senior high youth’s parent;

--a church elder; and

–if the elder is not currently on spiritual council, a consistory member.

2. Selection and appointment of YM Council members.

-The consistory president will appoint the Council chairperson on an annual basis.

-The Council chairperson, in consultation with the YC, will recruit and name Council members.

3. Terms.

-All Council members will serve one-year terms. The terms are renewable without limit.

4. Meetings.

-There will be, at a minimum, quarterly meetings of the YM Council.