Spiritual Drownproofing

From Pastor Mike's sermon on January 10, 2021:

So, what’s spiritual drownproofing? It’s the grace to let go and let God. You know the first law of holes: “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”[1] Well, when you find you’re in over your head, stop struggling. Relax into the situation like a kitten in her momma’s mouth. That doesn’t come naturally to us, I know. We don’t have an instinct for it, so we have to practice before we find ourselves thrown into the deep end. Here’s how you can do that.

Pick a time and place that works for you where you can be sure of no interruptions for at least a full minute. Sit straight with your feet on the floor and hands open on your lap. Close your eyes and breathe in once deeply, paying attention to the exhale that naturally follows. Now move your attention to your forehead right above your eyes. Notice how tight it is? Give that tightness permission to stay there while you watch it. What you’ll notice is that it’ll decide to let go all on its own. Now return your attention to the breath and repeat for as long as you have. Then open your eyes and go on your way. That’s how to practice spiritual drownproofing before you need it.