Chat - 4/9/20

I have a list of things to chat about today, so let's get started with Easter.

This Sunday, April 12, EASTER:

  • First of all, I don't want anyone to feel pressure/guilt, etc. to drive to the church and drop off flowers or get communion cups.  The health and safety of our church members is our number 1 priority.  If you have a nagging feeling in your gut telling you you shouldn't go out, then please listen to it.  Staff will be wearing masks and sanitizing between every interaction.
  • If you choose to come down (between 8-10 a.m.), here is what you should know.  1). Please enter from Vine Street.  2) Pull up to the Gathering Area doors.  If you have flowers, staff will collect them.  Receive your communion to go cup.  3) Exit out onto Main Street.  Please, STAY IN YOUR CARS!!!
  • When you get home, go to your pantry and prepare a piece of bread to use for communion.  If everyone starts watching our Easter service around 10:15, then we should be partaking in communion together at the same time.
  • The Sunrise service will also be posted.  Both services will probably be ready to view by Saturday night, so if you want to wake up early and watch the Sunrise service at daybreak, you will be able.

How to "Zoom":

  • By now you have probably heard about Zoom, and how it is being used during social distancing.  If you are interested in learning how to use Zoom, here is a tutorial that will help:

Social Media Sabbaths:

  • Taking a break from social media can be difficult at the moment.  For everyone's mental health, we encourage you to take a sabbath from your phone, email, tablet, etc.  Staff will be doing the same.  Pastor Mike will take a social media sabbath on Fridays, Lisa on Saturdays, Kaylene on Tuesdays, and Elizabeth on Sundays.

Please Save:

  • Toilet paper and paper towel rolls!  We are starting to think ahead to Vacation Bible school, and we will definitely need all the empty rolls we can get.

I miss everyone so much!  Continue to take care of yourselves, and let me know if there is anything you need.

He Is Risen!!

Pic: Last year's Easter Children's Time