Chat - 4/23/21

This is the day I have been waiting for for over a year.  Drum roll, please...we will start holding in-person worship, in our beloved sanctuary, starting May 16!!  I am so happy to share this news with you.  More details about what worship will look like, guidelines, and precautions that will be taken to return as safely as possible, will be included in the May newsletter.  Our worship services will be livestreamed every Sunday and the ability to listen through your car stereo in the parking lot will continue to be available if you aren't quite ready to come back on May 16.

This Sunday, April 25, our worship service will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel at 10:15.  At 3:00, the Ice Cream Club will meet at the Dalton Dariette. Anyone with a love of ice cream and chilling with friends is invited to come!  I suggest bringing a lawn chair, so we can appropriately spread out.

Thank you to all who helped with the bed building project!  It was a huge success, and highlighted the talent folks here at Christ Church have.

The sound/technology crew would love to have some of that help on Sunday mornings. We are looking for volunteers to help run the sound board and livestream when we return to worship. If you have interest in learning either one of these positions, let me know.  I am not technologically savvy, but I have learned how to do both, so there is hope for anyone with little to no experience.  We would love to have enough people so we can rotate and not have the same couple of people responsible every week.

Have a great weeked, Elizabeth