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About Our School

Christ Church Preschool has been nurturing and caring for the hearts and minds of little ones in Orrville, Ohio for over 35 years. With care and dedication, our goal is to provide a program of successive experiences whereby each child will have the opportunity to grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and creatively at their own pace.

A Day at School

A day at preschool is filled to the brim with fun, learning, and friends! The day starts with arrival and share time where children have the opportunity to take turns sharing some of their favorite things with their peers. This is followed by gym and the opportunity to engage in physical activities to develop their gross motor skills. Free play time allows the children to choose their activities and explore their interests and table time provides guided learning to develop fine motor skills. Story time is a favorite among children, listening to books and developing language skills. A snack is shared, and music time gives the children a chance to sing and dance to their favorite tunes. The day ends with dismissal where children say goodbye to their friends and teachers until another day.

Christ Church Preschool offers a wide range of activities to promote development such as:

  • Free Choices at Play Time

  • Art Experiences, Science Experiences

  • Exploration Of Books

  • Large Motor Skills

  • Small Motor Skills

  • Reading Readiness

  • Math Readiness

  • Musical Experiences

  • Flannel Board and Stories

  • Open House Field Trips

  • Holiday ProgramsEnd of Year Programs

Meet The Teachers

Kate has worked in the field of early childhood education for more than 20 years as both a teacher and administrator. She studied at both Malone College and Akron University and earned her CDA. Kate has a passion for kids and community and is always ready to jump in and engage with the kids.

Shannon is a passionate preschool teacher who adores the curious minds of her young students and finds joy in guiding them through their early learning experiences. She has an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a Certificate of Business Administration from Liberty University. 

Prechool Board

Robin Stocker
Bethany Williams
Jessica Maag
Nikki Jones
Board Member
Board Member
Emma Fletcher
Board Member
Brian Amstutz
Erica Troyer
Sarah Ballentine
Board Member
Board Member
Michael Holderman
Board Member
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