Chat - 9/25/20

This Sunday, September 27, we will be holding a Live Zoom Worship.  You will be receiving an email with the link to join tomorrow.  You may start logging in at 10:00 a.m. and the service will begin at 10:15.  "Come to the Table" has been the title of our sermon series this month, and we invite you to worship this Sunday at a table in your home with food to enjoy during the service.  Maybe you prepare a brunch or maybe have your usual granola bar or smoothie.  Pastor Mike will engage the group in a conversational sermon.

Some reminders about Zoom Worship: 1) It is ok if you do not want your video on. 2) We might not know everyone who is worshiping with us, and that is ok, too. Let's try not to put anyone on the spot, especially if they don't have their video turned on. The meeting host will take care of any potential trolls or problems. 3) The meeting host has the ability to mute all participants, so if you find yourself muted when you haven't done it yourself, that is probably what has happened.

The service will be recorded, and uploaded most likely on Monday, for those unable to attend.

The October newsletter is being mailed today (Friday), and we do have some fun things planned, so check it out and mark your calendars accordingly.  You can also read it here:

Have a wonderful weekend!