Chat - 7/16/21

This Sunday, July 18, we will welcome Rev. Nayiri Karjian to the pulpit.  Decorating for Vacation Bible School will take place right after worship, so if you would like to grab a snack at coffee hour then stick around to help, all extra hands would be appreciated.  The decorations are all made, they just need to be set up in various places. The Youth Mission Trip begins on Sunday.  The group will be staying at the church and serving various local organizations such as Wooster Christian Home, One-Eighty, the Akron-Canton Food Bank, and many more.  Keep them in your prayers this coming week.  At 3:00, the Ice Cream Club will meet at Guerne Heights Drive-In!  It also happens to be National Ice Cream Day, so come celebrate with us!

Vacation Bible School will be held Monday-Wednesday, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

The Aultman Mobile Vaccination Clinic will be in Christ Church parking lot on Thursday from 3:30-7:00.  Spread the word!

The first informational meeting regarding the revised Consistitution will be held on Sunday, Aug. 2, following worship.  Plan to attend if you have questions or would like more clarification on the revisions.