Chat - 1/23/14

All I can say is, "brrrrrrrrrrr!"

This Sunday, January 26, communion will be offered during worship.  At 5:00, our annual Board Game Night will begin!  Gather in the fellowship hall to chase away the winter blues and partake in some friendly competition.  Everyone brings their favorite board/card games to play and a finger food to share.  It is a great night for everyone and fun to find out who amongst us are ruthless euchre players--ha!

Reminder that Daughters Event tickets will be on sale before and after worship.  The event will be held Sat., Feb. 1, 6:00 p.m.  It would be helpful if baby bundle donations are placed in the box in the gathering area this Sunday, so the committee can see if we are short on any items.

The usual activities will be held on Wednesday.

Pastor Gehres is offering a new study starting on Tuesday, Feb. 4.  Here is the information you need: For Five Tuesdays in February (including March 4!), we have the opportunity for a devotional study entitled, “Body and Soul – Reclaiming the Heidelberg Catechism”. For four centuries the Heidelberg Catechism was the primary teaching tool of Reformed Churches to pass the faith to newcomers and new generations. Many churches have moved away from “the Heidelberg” to other methods of Christian education. Yet, the catechism’s message is essential to faith and who we are as a church. This devotional study reclaims that message through catechism’s questions raised and answers given. Also: brief video comments (by Dr. Craig Barnes, President, Princeton Theological Seminary) and optional study book ($13).  We have not done anything quite like this before. So the first session, February 4th, will be an Open House: try this out; then decide if you want to continue. No strings attached. The first session is on “Your Only Comfort”. We will meet from 7:00 – 8:15 pm in the parlor. Pastor Gehres will lead the discussion.