Chat - 1/18/19

We will worship at 10:15 this Sunday, January 20, come rain, or snow, or sleet, or hail (we are kind of like the Post Office in that regard), so if you feel you can safely make it to worship, the parking lot will be cleared and the doors will be open.  The Carol Choir is scheduled to sing, but parents, please don't feel pressure to be here.  Again, it is all about everyone's safety.  The Fellowship Committee has gone ahead and cancelled the Third Sunday Potluck, and Lisa will let the Confirmation class and Youth Fellowship participants know if either of those events end up being cancelled.

Tuesday, the Bridging Team will meet at 6:30.

Wednesday brings a Kids Club Family Night at 5:15. Please let Lisa know if your family will NOT be attending.  The choirs rehearse at their usual times.

The newsletter deadline is next Friday.

If you aren't already following Christ Church on Facebook, here is a link:

Many notifications are posted on Facebook, so it is easy to keep up with what is happening here at Christ Church.

Everyone stay safe and warm!